Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's up party people?  We are Lucha Libre, Gallo Claudio and Borrador bringing you a little of the barrel fest we had today.  The waves were going off during the morning, head high to over head waves were rolling all over the place and we were there to prove it.  Check it out!!!

D-Lite paddled out early because he had to work in the morning.  His first wave of the morning was a drainer! 

Lefts and rights were sick and Erick scored many of them.  Here he is getting super shacked into this peeler.

There was hardly any wind this morning, making for some glass clean conditions.  Here's an unknown surfer on a perfectly shaped righthander.

A few local gringos made it out, loving the conditions.  This is Riley "La Ranita" charging on his backside.  This little kid moved down this year because he wanted to become a better surfer and he is already showing us his knowledge.

Thanks to the photo skills of our man Lucha, Rya was caught blasting his fins out down the beach.  There were a lot of barrels out here today but this man knew how to hit some sections also!

Everyone out there wanted to get shot and we made sure to have photos of everybody.  If you happend to be out there, we might have the photo of your trip, so let us know.  Timmy with a cool off the top!

The crew of kids from Cali just got here and already are getting great waves.  They were pulling into everything and this man was no exception!

Lucha loves wipe out shots, because he's not in the water.  Check out this buddy going over the falls down the beach.

Jantana woke up early and headed out to this spot to ride some sick ones.  The 55 years old man was charging on his sick pintail board, perfect for this kinda waves and this kinda surfer.  It was nice to see you back in the water pal!

Burrito was loving this wave!  Smooth and stylish while chilin' in a room with a view!

Lucha found a new angle so that he could look right into the barrel of this wave.  Rya again, getting deep in this beautiful tube.

The lineup was not busy at all so there were many sick waves unridden.  Erick in the shoulder, missing a nice one!

This is Pedro from Costa killing it on his kneeboard.  Waiting for those bomb sets to come through so that he could pull into some sweet ones!

At the end of the day everyone was tired of pulling into perfect reeling tubes!  A nice ride back home in the golf cart to refuel.  Tomorrow we are expecting similar conditions and possibly an increase in size.  Thanks for checkin' us out and be sure and come back, we might just have another barrel fest on our hands for tomorrow!  Adios people!