Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello and welcome to the last week of April. We went to check some others point break to see different waves. We have good waves all day during low and high tide, but check it out today action.

Today we have some rippers in the line up. Here is Parker Smith ( Like Jordy ) making a turn. He like to come to surf at this spot just for this reason. This place is the best school to make turns.

I was with a group of friends from New York. We were having a party waves. Spreading love like brooklin!!!. Well, who gonna finish riding this wave?.

My cousin Jason Lopez ( Like Jerry ) was the last man standing, because he is the oldest surfer. They are good friends, my friends always try to take all my waves.

The flyer wing of the group like always was my brudda Steven Slater. Here he is landing a feet high air.

The best surfer in the water was Matt. Check some of his combinations of surf tricks.

Banggggg!!!!. Well, we can say he know how make powerful cuts. Check what more he can do?.

Here is Matt looking for a shack. He is Stopping a little bit to get in the hole.

Yeappppp!!!!. Looks like he get be in the good spot for be covered for the curtain.

We were in two places with just left working, but Matt find a right wave and he follow that wave until the inside and check what he made.

This is the second time of my buddy tyler surfing this spot. Some times we have side shore wind working here, but today the offshore wind was super light, so check how smooth was the crossing.

Here is the Hypto krypto team. Here is Jeff Fanning looking for a turn.

All this year I see a lot of surfers riding this type of surfboard ( Hypto krypto ). Looks like everybody ride better. I was using one today and I can feel the flotation and the super lightweight. Here Jeff making the sense in this turn.

Well. See you tomorrow in another surf report. Looks like this girl is going, so I need to try to hang out with her. Armando Lopez is out.