Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hello and welcome to another beautiful Sunday in this country blessed of the off shore wind and beautiful sunset. The big swell coming from the South is starting to hit this beach. The sets are overhead and remember what we say about the sand bank in front the river mouth?. Check it out. Is working good.

The sets bring three waves like this one. just imagine take this wave and ride all the way to the beach. This surfer need to see the wave he let it go. Check the sequence.

The barrel rolling fifty meter and nobody take it. If some one have a GoPro camera and take a video, should to send the video to surfline and post in the link ( 60 second!!!!)

After thirty meters the wave keep open and clean. If the first touch of this swell have this kind of wave. Be tuned to see the next day. Could be waves top ten barrel in the world. This beach break is amazing.

This is how this wave end. If someone make the barrel in this wave. Here is the moment to put the arms up to celebrate and the people in the beach scream. HAAAAAA.

After to drop this wave the question for this surfer was: What to do? Look for a barrel or smack the lip of the wave. What you would do?

Josh have a shack going in a left. Every day this kid paddle out searching the good waves to get a barrel and today he gotten one. YEAH!!!! Primo

This is a proof of how a person progresses surfing in these waves. (The buchon) only has a year and a half since his start to surf and he get tubes like any other of us who have some years of surfing.

In the north of the beach there another point with smaller waves. The swell is not to strong yet, but everything look like the rights were be the best.

In the same point this surfer made a strong cut. Look like a wave runner make a mark.

The expectation is good for the next day with the new well, be tuned. Yesterday we were around a hundred people in the arena of the beach club watching one of the most beautiful sunset this year. We will watching if there is another good today. Armando Lopez is out.