Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 25, 2011

What's up folks?  It is Lucha Libre here reporting with the big boys from up north.  The waves were a little desorganized this morning but there were still some fun ones rolling in.  It was head high to over head on sets, with offshore winds for a while because later it changed to side shore.  Check it out!!!

The lefts were working better but there were a few sick rights to be taken.  This is Carlos styling with his bottom turn on this sick right.

There were not many barrels out there, you need some luck to score at least one.  Joel from Sidney-Australia trying to get some shade into this one.

A few local kids made it out, and they were shredding.  Lester hitting this one right in the pocket.  This little kid has improved his surfing very quick.

Lester wasn't the only one that was tearing up out there.  Check out Justin Beaver Clown showing us his skills with this sick round house turn.

JJ Yema made it out and got to scored a few fun ones.  Dropping in and getting right there, in the tube section.

Sometimes get barreled at this place is the easiest you ever done, but sometimes gets pretty hard.  This guy pumping the breaks late and missing the best part.  Cokooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

We have a few old friends picking up some nice ones down south.  Hi Blue, it was nice to see you back in the water!

This guy did the deepest barrel of the day.  We actually got a cool sequence of you buddy, let us know if you want to get it.  One of the better shots of the seq!

Lucha getting arty in the last shot of the day.  Don't you think is sick?