Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you the Wednesday surf report from somewhere up north.  Today I headed out up north to receive the new swell at one of the better surf spots we have around this area.  The waves were a little bit disorganized but there were still a couple of good ones to be had.  It was over head on sets with offshore winds and the water was cool.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was completely uncrowd today, there were only two international guys out sharing waves with two local surfers.  Here we have Mateo from Fl taking a nice sizeable set wave.

Armando “El Codo” Lopez was so excited to be surfing at this spot one more time but today he was not lucky enough to catch a few of the better waves.  Here he is hand dragging on a decent left hander.

This spot doesn’t work very often but today there were many good ones coming through.  Don’t you believe me?  Here is this shot as a proof!!!

Norwin “El Chulin” Estrella was able to make the trip with me and scored a few fun ones out there today.  Here I caught a nice shot of him working on his backside style.

There were some sick lefts coming through with no takers.  What a shame!!!  Don’t’ you guys want to be here surfing some empty waves?  Send us an email and we can set you up with the best surf vacation of your life.

This is Kevin from Fl, he picked up one of the better waves of the day.  He got super deep on this wave but he didn’t make it out.  Maybe tomorrow my friend!!!

The swell is building for the next days so be sure to stay tuned with us.

Lucha out!!!