Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is Roberto with the surf report and spanish class for today. It's about chest to head high on sets, the water is chilly and the wind is offshore.

Here is the Cowboy, showing up again on NSR.

This is a beginer, his name is Dexter and he was doing it pretty good.

Hey chancho. What are you doing on the beach? Are you singing or just putting some sunscreen on your...?

Check out Luis with the bottom turn.

I don't know how i do it, but i always found some chicks on the beach or in the water.

TODAY'S SPANISH CLASS: Hey Juanito mirate, tu tienes una bonita foto. Hey Juanito check you out, you got a nice shot.

This is Roque with a powerfull spray.

Augusto got the last shot of the day. Do you see that? That's why he is the National Champion. Check back tomorrow.

So, there probably isn't going to be any surf on this trip. There's no swell and I'm not sure if it would matter if there was. Corn Island is a lush island, full of wildlife and surrounded by Coral Reef. Check out this baby monkey I found in a palm tree.

Here is a crocodile I stumbled across in the swamp. Mean looking sucker, huh?

Lucky us, Roberto isn't even here and we happened to stumble across some local models who were doing a "shoot" on the beach in front of our house. Check out the moves...

These girls were eating up the camera.

Yeah baby, you work it! Corn Island models - gotta love it.