Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hello again everyone and thank you for checking in.  Today the waves were super fun running chest to head high with a few overhead sets.  The winds were light in the morning and the water was a little chilly.  There were some guys ripping it up today.  Take a peak.

The local groms were killing time waiting for the tide to back out.  Here’s a shot of them working on their skate tricks. 

There were a few gems firing through around mid morning.  This is Bryan from Stewart, Florida, getting his moneys worth.  What are you guys waiting for? 

“El Jefe” Pancho Sanchez was out reeking havic on some poor innocent waves.  As always, making us all very proud.

It seems like some of the best waves go unridden.  How slotted could you get on this sick right? Come get some.

We want to welcome a really nice group of guys to Nicaragua.  They are styling in the new NSR beach house.  Really nice to meet you guys.  We hope your arms are ready for paddling.

Augusto came up from San Juan for a Golf Tournament and decided to get a few fun ones before his tee time. It is nice to see you surfing up here with us hermano.

We gave Bryan two pics on the report today because he was pulling in all morning long.  Get in touch buddy we have some great photos of you. The waves are supposed to be fun tomorrow as well.  Make sure to check back in with us as soon as you can.  This is Eric and D-lite signing off.  

This is Lucha throwing a couple shots in from down here in San Juan del Sur.  The waves were kinda fun running about chest to head high on sets with quite strong offshore winds.  Check it out!

There were only 3 guys out in the lineup during the whole morning.  This is Pele getting some shade at first light.

I met a couple of nice guys this morning.  Check out Fabrizzio from Italy bottom turning this sweet right hander.

Amit from Israel is caught here, expecting the barrel section on this peeler.  Nice looking wave, uh. 

One last shot to finish my fast intervention on today’s report.  Nice backside slash, taking a little advantage of the strong offshore winds we had.