Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's up party people!  We are having a great Sunday down here in Nicaragua.  We just finished up a 4-man scramble golf tourney here at Iguana and the waves have been fun all weekend.  Before we get to today's report, we wanted to show off some of our new NSR Trucker Hats.  The Flor de Cana girls were nice enough to model them for us - and we all know NSR (D-Lite) LOVES FDC!

The winds started to blow a little stronger later on in the a.m., but the waves were coming through and barreling very nicely with the lower tide.  Walking over the hill this was the first wave I saw, nobody on it and it had a great tube section.

This barrel wasn't big enough for both these guys.  One of them got slotted, while the other looked on.  Dude.. I want to get in there too!

The star of today's surf report, Dana, paddled out and was owning the lineup.  He must have got about 10 solid barrels this morning.  Here is a quick sequence of one his waves.

shot 1.

shot 2.

shot 3.

shot 4.

shot 5.

shot 6.

shot 7. Getting in there!

shot 8.  Getting deep!

shot 9.

shot 10.

shot 11.

shot 12.  Nice wave man!  Dana pulled back in for another tube on this wave, but didn't quite make it out of the second one.

The dry season here is a whole different Nicaragua.  That mountain in the backround will be as green as this guys surfboard in about two months.  Unknown surfer, contemplating paddling back out.

Dana wasn't just getting barreled today.  He knows how to throw down a power hack with style.  Sick cutback!

It's a good thing you were out Dana, you pretty much made our surf report today.  We have a bunch of good shots of you man, give us a shout.  Yet another perfect frontside tube.

We'll sign off today with a wave for everyone to surf!  Go ahead and shred it up!  We'll be back tomorrow with more action from the pristine beaches and undisclosed surf spots of Nicaragua!  This has been Eric with your Sunday report. Take it easy!

...later on that night, Pancho called in his bet with the Intern and Eric sat down in the barber's chair.  After much debate, it was decided that a "Mohawk Mullet" was the right call.  What?

Afterwards, we informed Eric that the new doo was a 1 week commitment.  "dude, you have to let me cut of these sideburns", "c'mon man, I look like an idiot"...etc, etc.  Yeah man, we know...

Word on the street is that he'll be up before dawn tomorrow - COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!

Of all the sequences we got this week, this one is definitely our favorite.  Eric, you are a good sport my friend! 

Make sure you say "hi" to Eric when you see him in the water - he'll be easy to spot!