Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 08, 2011

Hey everybody!   This is Eric comin' at ya with another daily surf report.  We got to the beach early this morning to find pumping waves!  Sets were way overhead and these waves had some juice!  The water felt good and the winds were offshore.  Check out the action from down on the beach!

The swell is coming in a little more from the west than it has been, making for some insane rights.  There was the occasional left also.  Unknown surfer pulling in backside!

Some of the waves out here this a.m. had tube sections big enough for two people!  These guys gave it a try but it didn't work out too well.

This crew has been down here for a little while and they scored some perfect waves while here.  They had to catch a plane this morning so they weren't able to paddle out.  Not to mention Guillermo (far right) who had an incident at the bar that left him unable to surf anyway.  It was great to meet you guys, hope you made it home safe!

I paddled out this morning and caught some fun waves.  However, I didn't get anything like what you are about to see!

Here it is... This is Simon from Australia.  This guy was absolutely dominating the lineup this morning.  Here he is, about to jump of a cliff!

Shot 2.  He didn't even grab his rail for this drop, anticipating what was to come!

shot 3.

shot 4.  Gaining some soon to be needed speed!

Shot 5.  Starting his bottom turn to get a little higher up on the wave.

shot 6.  No fear!

shot 7.  Focused and  100% committed.

shot 8.  Wow!  Is this backdoor or Nicaragua?

shot 9.  I wish we could see what he's doing in that thing..  My guess is that Simon is standing tall with both arms up!!

shot 10. 

shot 11.   Simon!!!!  Are you going to stay in there all day?

shot 12.  At this point it was unclear whether or not he was coming out of this monster, but D-Lite kept firing away with the camera.

shot 13. 

shot 14..  About now, everyone was starting to think he did't make it.

shot 15.  No Way!!!

shot 16.  This is when everyone on the beach erupted with hoots and applause!

shot 17.  Simon, you were owning this wave today.  You are the man!!  Sick wave buddy!

The wave right after Simon's looked even bigger.  Lance charged it, made the drop, but then had to either pull in and get pounded or straighten out.  Better run fast Lance!

Lance again, with our pick for wipeout shot of the day!  This guy can get just as barreled as anyone, but he also takes some beatings in the process!

D-Lite and these guys were stoked to hang out with a surfing legend! 

Mike, I don't know how you pulled off this layback drop it, but it looked sick!  That's all for today folks, the waves will be going off tomorrow so check back for some more pipline style tubes!  Thanks for checkin' out our surf report.  We'll be back tomorrow!