Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hello my people. Welcome to the wednesday surf report. The main peak in front NSR Beach House was working really good for about two hours. The line up was empty and after of some sets, everybody run to the party. Check it out.

Some long rights were rolling to shoulder high with a little tube. After the first bottom turn this surfer was ready to try get a shack.

Some time you need to used the break to be more cover of the lip. If not doesn't count.

Not many waves were closing, but this surfer know what to do if that happen. Always the flouters look good when the ejecution is clean.

The channel in front the river mouth is good now and is early because usually have the perfect shape for the month of May or June. We see how gonna work with this new swell coming, but now how you can see have a good section of about forty meters going well.

Just look and fell in love with this right. Is my favorite when is overhead. You want to test? come here soon and be ready.

Everybody in the line up have a great time try to catch this right, but the right catching all them. Hahaha.

The left not have barrel. Have a nice speed and good section for this kinda turns. Paaaaaaaaaa Mmmm!!!!!!

Ok. Not one was taking the best waves. All the locals and me, were outside thinking WHY?????. When we go, everybody drop in front us and when all the  locals are not surfing, the sets rolling empty. See you tomorrow and I hope is not dropping in front me. A. J. L. is out.