Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 08, 2010

What’s up folks?  This is Lucha Libre bringing you the Thursday surf report from somewhere in the pacific coast.  The waves were kind of fun this morning but the winds were blowing stronger than usual but still offshore.  The lineup was a little busy when we got to this spot but everybody left so quickly that at the end of the session we had the beach to ourselves.  Check it out!

The new swell was showing a little bit today.  We had some nice sized sets rolling in and more than one was getting pounded, but our very good friend Jeff was patient to score some nice form wave.  Here he is getting some shade on this cool looking right.

There were some rippers out there doing their things.  Here is caught this unknown rider attacking this little close out section.  This guy was ripping all morning long.

We had lefts and rights to be had, but mostly the lefts were better.  This is David from Pais Basco, Spain picking up one of the better set waves of the day.  You gotta get ready dude, because you have to pull into that thing!

A few ladies paddled out and were doing the best to ride some fun ones.  This is Chaney drifting a nice little peeler at the first peak.  It is so nice to see the ladies charging out there!

This guy was not worried about the wind conditions, he just wanted to get barreled.  Check out how strong the winds were.  Hope the winds die down tomorrow!

This little ripper was putting his own show out there, doing some sweet maneuvers like this one.  Cool off the top dude, I want to see you out there getting barrels when the real swell gets here my friend.

We wanted to share this cool shot of Armando “El Codo” Lopez, he’s all the way up to Canada right now.  He’s been there for a few weeks and he is starting to look pale already.  Hey buddy, we are glad that you are having a good time.  The swell is supposed to start building tomorrow so make sure to check us back out.