Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Welcome my friends. The tide is going down in the morning and full in the afternoon, so is good for surf all day if you know how searching the best spot depend the tide. Some friends from New Jersey (Lyle, Jake, Tom, DiakachinMike and Jason) come with me to check some point breaks. The Swell is small and the wind pick up a little today, so we went a little north searching waves. Check it out.

Surfboard ready, Wax, Sun Cream, Snack, Lunch, Money, Camara, All in the list checking ? GOOO.

We check three spot before pick up one. The waves in the sets were chest high with a little energy, but the wind make a little hard to catch.

DiakaMike was taken the good size wave in the sets. The high tide brings waves and the sets were coming constantly, this swell have fourteen second of period and a lot of beachbreak like. The waves make everybody surf.

Tom was looking for the rights and he find some good one with good speed even with some wind blowing hard.

Jake have some late drop in almost every wave. Of course . He was tired to surf about three hours, in one of are longest left in our Country.

Jason went big. He want to have a barrel. He almost get out of this one, but the lip is strong and got him, but tomorrow or this week, he will have some.

A!!!! I almost forget to show you are restaurant five star all included. That was epic!!!!!

Some point breaks were busy, but we have lucky to have a good friends in are crew. Check the next photo.

Here is little Lyle. Making sure the other surfer around don't breaks the rules. What you can to say in front a man 6' 6" tall and two hundred and fifty pound? Just watch the expression in the face of this guy. Giving greetings with his hands. Hahaha. That was fun.

Ok. Amigos. Have a good day tomorrow and check the report. Think about come here and have a good surf experience in your life. Armando Lopez is out.