Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 07, 2011

Buenos!  Welcome to our daily surf report here at NSR.  Our man Lucha was shooting photos at a classified location this Thursday a.m. and the waves were macking!  Sets were thundering in with some solid, overhead sets. The winds were blowing offshore, making for some more insane tubes!  We are going to use this photo to make a set of NSR postcards.

This wave just rifled down the beach and didn’t stop barreling at all.  Lucha fired off a 40 shot sequence of this wave.  Unknown surfer on a freight train of a right!  If you are reading this man, we have got some good shots of you!

This man, from North Carolina pulled into some great waves this morning.  He would come out of a clean barrel and instead of pulling out, he’d rip a big turn on the end section.

This longboarder was definitely noticed this morning (he was the only non-shortboard surfer).  Getting closed out on a big wave with a big board right next to you can be dangerous, but it didn’t seem to bother this dude! 

This is Jeff Hakman, one of the founders of the well known, surf company, Quiksilver.  Jeff has won some very prestigious surf contests, including the big wave contest held at Waimea Bay, and one of the most notorious contests known to surfing at the banzai Pipeline!!(just to name a couple).  He's in his 60's now and he's still got it!  Here are a few shots of him on a beautiful right hander this morning.  Dropping in…

Classic style and perfect execution on this bottom turn.  Check out how perfect that wave is!

You knew it was coming!  Jeff, slotted in a solid barrel.  Nice wave man!  It was great to meet you!

After seeing Jeff get shacked, I decided to paddle out and get one for myself. My first wave didn’t go quite as smoothly as his though!

This is our amigo, Adam “Super Cana” late dropping on this little nugget!  Fully extended! 

Jeff came down from a little ways up north this morning to catch some waves like this one.  One of his many barrels today and our choice for today’s barrel sequence.

Shot number 1

Shot 2… He dropped in right under the lip!

Shot 3…That wave is starting to throw!

Shot 4.

shot 5.

shot 6

shot 7

shot 8... Getting in there

shot 9.. getting deeper

shot 10.

shot 11.

shot 12

shot 13

shot 14

shot 15 .. Sick wave Jeff!!

Mike’s been getting so barreled everyday out here!  He’s got a reputation around here for pulling into anything he can.  This particular wave he got pretty deep and came out clean!  We’ve got a ton of photos of you Mike!

There was nobody around for this Left that came through.  Just firing down the sandbar!

Don’t let our photos deceive you.  There was some carnage out here today!  This guy should be taking a deep breath right about now.  Check out the tube section on that wave!

If that’s not considered a getting shacked, then I don’t know what is..  This guy had some epic backside barrels today!

Another good wipeout shot!  You can tell this was farther on the inside by the color of the wave.  I bet this dude got sand in places he didn’t even know he had.

Lance is well known around here for charging just about anything.  Check out how thick the lip is on this thing.  Yaaa Lance!!

How many different words can I use for barrel?  Shacked, pitted, slotted…. This is Kivu and he was all of the above on this wave! 

There was some good sized sets coming through.  We could tell there was some juice in the water when we saw waves like this storming through.  This is Kivu again from another angle and on a bit bigger of a wave!  Can you tell which way the wind was blowing?

This looked like a big chocolate milk barrel…But a barrel none-the-less!  Unknown surfer in a room with a view!

Chris paddled out and scored some sick waves!  This guy is a really fast surfer and can easily make a fast closeout look smooth and makeable.

We’ll sign off today with a wave for everybody to go ahead and mind-surf!  How barreled do you think you would be right here? I went through and counted… I wrote the word barrel 12 times on today’s report!  That’s about all today was though.  Pits…Pits all around!  This has been Eric with the Thursday surf report, the swell will be around again tomorrow so check back with us!  From all of us at NSR, thanks for checkin’ us out!