Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, April 04, 2014

Aloha amigos,  Lucha Libre is back in the house with your friday surf report.  The waves were running in the shoulder high range this afternoon, winds were going around again and the water a bit warmer.  Check it out!!!

A few locals were out and they were shredding up.  Junior La Juliana Martinez is caught here with a sick maneuver. 

Mario El Danino Martinez is next with a cool style on his round house maneuver. Way to go cochon!

Darwin El Cabucho Jacamo, fins free down the line.  All these boys were ripping all over the place. 

Our very own Pancho Sanchez made it out as well and he was taking some sweet ones.  Deep in the flats with a killer bottom turn. 

Barrita de Queso paddled out as well and she rode some fun ones.  Way to go Quesitos!

Kevin from Gigante made it out our way and he was ripping it up.  Check him out going big with a scik punt.

Mr Brown was able to get some juice out of the first peak.  Way to go chabalito!

Quite a few other girls were in the lineup and they were charging.  Beautiful left hander, isn't it?

Our very short and big boy Jimmy scored a sick 58 pounds gallo yesterday.  Here is the proof!

That's all for today amigos, please check back tomorrow!