Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter everybody!  Down here we have a couple of reasons to celebrate - not only is it Easter, but it's also the last day of Semana Santa and all the mayhem that comes with it - boy, are we glad that's over now!  Most importantly though, we are celebrating the fact that we've got waves, and fun ones at that!  Even though we gave our photographers the today and the last couple of days off, we were able to get some good shots.  It was head-high with overhead sets, the water was warm and the winds were light offshore all day long.  Check out the line-up shot from this morning.  (that's our friend Lindsey, in perfect position)

Here's the second shot of Lindsey's wave.  NO Lindsey!  You can't...pull...back...now!  Girl, you're in the perfect position.  This wave kept peeling and barreling for about 100 m.  No worries Lindsey, you're surfing great and we still love you! 

This one is out of sequence, but hey, it's a cool shot.  These were the first guys out at the beach this morning.  It was just before 6am and nobody was out.

Here's our good friend Olli, showing off a solid backside style on this Lefthander.  Olli came out a little later today and was commanding the line-up by picking off the best waves of the day.  Good surfing with you today Olli!

Here's a cool shot looking up the beach to the North.  There were good waves all up and down the coast today.  That one off in the distance looks good with nobody on it.

Were there any barrels out there today?  Why don't you ask our friend from Gigante?  (Sorry dude, forgot your name.)  Here he is getting deep on close-out left.

And how about our new friend Dave from FL?  He had to fly out this morning but was able to pull into a few nice barrels before heading to the airport.  He'll be back.

We'll leave you with one last shot of a frothy tube and an unknown rider.  The swell is supposed to be pulling back until about Friday or so and then it looks like the whole coast is going to light up.  We've got some great waves coming for next week!  WoooooHoooooo!  Pancho out!