Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 03, 2014

Hi there, this is Lucha Libre Garcia reporting from Playa Maderas.  The waves were running in the chest high range with some bigger sets every now and then, winds were nice offshore and the water warmed up a bit.  Check it out!!!

The waves were perfect to take the fishes or the big boards out.  La Garrapata was ripping on his big panga.

It was nice for big boards but there were still some nice waves to ride on shortboards.  Dexter Akamai scored a couple.  Cool little floater!

El Mope Miranda was one of the other locals that were out ripping it up.  Sweet round house!

We had some small but beautiful peeler at Machete Pt.  Looking good, isn't it?

A few expirienced surfers paddled out and they were able to ride some fun ones.  Here is caught this one on a nice sized right hander. 

El Pipe Chompipe owned the lineup today.  You can see what we are taking about.

Last action shot of the day goes to Mr Beer with a cool hack.  It looks like the  fish was working well for this dude.

We went for a ride on the SUPs at sunset.  Beautiful view.  Please check back tomorrow!