Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 03, 2011

Hey people!  We're back with another update from an undisclosed surf spot in Nicaragua!  The waves were a lot like yesterday... lots and lots of barrels!  The sun was shining, the water refreshing, and the following photos speak for themselves on how fun the waves were!

It was smaller than yesterday, but we still had some throaty waves coming through.  This guy knew he wasn't going to make his so he decided to go Lobster Diving instead!

Check out Pancho pigdogging on this wave.  Look close and you can see in his face how stoked he is.  He might even be yelling!

This dude was charging on his longboard.  Those boards can be hard to control in fast, hollow waves.  This guy was dropping in super late and pulled into a bunch of good tubes!  Here he is bottom turning and setting up for the inside tube fest!

This guy was out on a big board also.  It was super shallow out there this morning and I wouldn't have been surprised if one these boards happened to snap...especially the way these guys were pulling into everything, makeable or not!  I bet the camera on the nose of his board got some good shots.

Lester paddled into the wave of the day and got completely shacked this morning.  This wave drained from the peak all the way down the sandbar.  Growing up in front of a wave like this guarantees you some tube riding skills!

Right after Lester came out of his barrel, Chris pulled under the lip of this wave.  The rights that were coming through were perfect... all you had to do was make the drop and pull in!

It's almost impossible to take pictures of these waves and not paddle out to get some for yourself! That's me dropping into a nice lefthander.

Sometimes you just have to lean in and take the top off the lip.  This is Pancho, up close and personal on this little backsider.

We wanted to post this shot of Riley and Lester.  If you look closely you can see where Lester has painted our NSR logo on his blade.  We were stoked to see that so we set he and his crew up with some new NSR goods.

This is our new friend Johnny from California.  This was just one of the many gems he snagged this morning. Great style amigo.  The swell is supposed to come up a bit tomorrow, so be sure to check back in with us.  D-lite and Erik saying buenes tardes!!

The other day, we called out Keala for wiping out at Colorado...last night, Pancho and Safari ran into her at dinner.  Pancho always likes to pose for celebrity photos and when he asked Keala, she couldn't have been nicer about it.  She is actually down here working on a community service project to bring fresh water to remote villages.  Good stuff.  She even bonded with Safari by offering her a Cheeto.  Nice to meet you Keala and keep up the good work!