Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, April 03, 2006

We work hard to bring the best possible photos to NSR, today was no exception. The swell is pumping and it looks like we'll have solid waves for the next couple of weeks. Today it's slightly overhead and offshore and we are posting a photographic study of Southern Nicaragua's "best known left point break". This is how it looks from the beach.

We've taken 1000's of pictures of this spot from the same places so today I went out searching for a few different perspectives. This is from far away and up high. Check out the lines wrapping in. I actually had to climb a tree to get this view.

Across the beach and up another mountain offered this perspective...Perfect in the afternoon light.

This is the advantage of a good telephoto lens. Check out the guy surfing on this one! It's a beautiful place...

Hey Dale - this one's for you!