Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 02, 2011

Hola de Tola!  Welcome to the NSR surf report live from the beach on this beautiful Saturday morning.  We had a ton of action in the water today, It seemed as though there wasn't a single wave that wasn't a wide open barrel.  The water was warm, the lineup wasn't too crowded, and there was a perfect, light offshore breeze.

Here's Joel from Sidney on a sweet left. He's been walking about an hour every morning to surf this wave at sunrise.  It pays off too!  Joel has probably pulled into a hundred barrels since he's been here!

This is Johnny from San Diego. He paddled out this morning and proceeded to pull into a bunch of frontside draining tubes! We caught a lot of those barrels on camera Johnny!

This kid was enjoying his day out at the beach.  Torturing innocent dogs and stuffing their heads in the sand. Poor Lucy, not nice litte man!

Does this look familiar to anyone.  D-Lite just loves to sit inside of big open rights!  Yet again pulling in backside and sitting in a perfect green room!

This guy was rockin' his Greg Noll trunks, and he was charging like the man!  Unknown surfer who picked off a fun little left.

Whoops!  Tim accidentally (so he says)  dropping in on his buddy Mike.  Tim ended up getting really deep on this wave and making a clean exit.  Too bad for Mike, who was sitting pretty before Tim decided he wanted to get shacked too.

All in all, it was a great morning to be a surfer in Nicaragua.  What more could you ask for than perfect barreling waves, warm water, light winds....I should stop talking before everyone reading this decides to come down here.  We'll be back tomorrow with another update, thanks for checkin' us out. This is Eric and I'm out!!