Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, March 31, 2022

Hey everybody welcome back to the daily surf report from SurfNSR here on the Emerald Coast of Nica. We got a bit more energy in the water today.. check it out!

Alvaro setting up the bottom turn so he can attack the lip

This guy milking this wave all the way through the inside section getting his money worth

If you know you know, access denied!

Some low tide peelers out there this morning, guessing the swell will be building throughout the day and into tomorrow

Ryan knows this wave well and when he comes down he always scores

Gotta love a beach break that barrels both left and right!

How deep is your love for this wave!? Sooo deeeeep!

Okay ya'll thank you for cruising by and checking us out today, go grab a board and get out there it's gonna be good. Cheers ya'll hasta manana