Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This morning the NSR Surf School, the best one in town took a couple of guys out to make their dreams come true.  They all were super excited to paddled out and get some nice rides.  The waves were running about chest to head high on sets, with nice offshore winds and the water warmed up a bit.  A little of beach instruction before they go out, that’s the way we do it!!!

I left the guys at the beach, getting some instruction for one of the better instructors in the area, our man Borrador.  I hiked around and got really surprised when I saw this spot going off.  A right point break in Nicaragua?  Holly S,,,,,!!! This is going to be my top secret!

I walked down the hills and checked it out closer, there are a few sketchy spots to go through but it does pay off to try it.  It was a shame nobody was out there because I would’ve got a killer pic with the whole scene!

Back with the NSR Surf School, the guys were loving it.  This is Kat with a solid ride all the way in to the beach in her first day ever out.

Jared was killing it, by the end of the day he ended up catching some waves on his own.  It was pretty nice to see all those guys stoked riding some fun ones.

Ohhhh, almost forgot.  Meanwhile I was walking back from Lucha’s secret spot I almost step on this guy.  Pretty close, but I saw it last second!

A few other guys were picking up some nice ones down the beach as well.  Check out this girl nabbing a killer right hander.

Borrador caught one wave in and here he is with a cool little floater on his backside.  We might come back here tomorrow as well, so keep an eye on us!

Lets go for a horseback ride folks.  Please check back tomorrow!!!