Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hi folks, this is Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia with the Saturday surf report from up to Tola.  Today I drove up to meet one of the funnier crews I ever had. The waves were pretty small but there were still some waves to ride.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets with offshore winds and the water is still very chilly.  Check it out!!!

On the first shot of the day we have Rich “Craneo de Mono” Paul-Hus smacking the lip on this right.  The waves were not really big today but Rich was having so much fun with his folks out there.

On the second shot we have Ricardo “Semana Santa” Carlton from North Carolina taking off on a small but sweet right.  When the waves are small this guy loves to go diving but today he decided to give it a try.

This is Ted “El Macua” Key going big with a nice air maneuver.  He was representing very well the mark of his board.  Just check out his arms (WINGS) and you will figure it out.

Here we have Tom “Too Tight” Faw making some adjustments for the upcoming wave.  I guess he forgot that he was on camera.

He did really good adjustment in the last wave.  Check him out scoring one of the better set waves of the day.

Here we have a beached mammal, luckily he was able get back out to the ocean to rip up the waves, he and his buddy’s had all these waves to themselves.

In the final shot of the day, Rich and Ted, giving a shout out to Colleen and Laura – a representation of what the future holds for Max and Kainoah. DEACACHIMBA!


Meanwhile, up towards San Juan Del Sur, the NSR Surf School was at it again, taking advantage of perfect learning conditions and an empty beach.  This is Oliver Solis, going over the fundamentals on the beach before taking it to the surf.

First up we have Sarah from Vancouver.  She was feeling a little sick today but still managed to make it look easy.  This was her first wave.

Check out Oscar on this one.  Today was his first time ever on a surfboard.  Gotta love the style!

Check out Evan, stepping it up a notch and going down the line on this nice little left.

Hey Evan, how did you enjoy your surf lesson with NSR?

It wasn't all kids out there today.  This is Chris showing us that Dad can have fun too!

Everyone had a blast and caught tons of waves today.  Thanks for hanging out with the NSR Surf School - The first and only surf school in Nicaragua!

We have a new swell on tap for this week.  It might even start showing up tomorrow afternoon, so check back with us.