Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, March 21, 2008

Alright folks, it is Lucha Libre reporting from Playa Venao in Panama. Today we got the first day of the contest and we have all the surfers excited specialty Roque Calderon. He's going to be the first Nicaraguan surfer to participate in the TRAILS today. The wheater conditions are pretty good today, it's running about chest to head high on sets, the wind is OFFSHORE and the water is warm. Check it out.

This a beautiful beach to have a good event like the Central American Surf Contest. It looks like these guys have been working a lot to have an event like this one. Everything is organized and everybody is happy with the weather conditions. Here is a shot of the scene from the beach.

Roque "Balboa" Calderon was ready and was charging into the first heats against one of the best Costa Rican surfer (Luis Vindas) and a local surfer from Playa Venao. He was working the waves out and doing every kind of maneuvers to get a place to the main event tomorrow, of course he made it. Congrats buddy!!!

All the Nica surfers were waiting for the final standing of Roque's heat and then they paddled out because "Balboa" successfuly made it into the main event. Here is La Baloy walking on the beach with his friend Gilbert Brown from CR.

I bet everybody was wondering about how the chicks looks like in Panama. So, today i took a couple of photos to let you know about it. What do you guys think? I think they are so cute!!!

Today we had the Trail in different categories and the event end about 5:45 right after dark. So the Nicas paddled out and were showing off. Here is La Bestia Calderon with a sweet move.

La Gaviota Chamorro made it out too and was practicing a couple moves because he's going to participate tomorrow in the open heats. There he is with a short but sweet spray.

There is a good surfing level in this contest, it is because we have the best of the best from all the Central American Country. Here is one of the best surfer from CR with a sick maneuver.

Lucha out, i'll be back tomorrow with the entire coverage of the contest. We are going to start tomorrow at 7:00 am with the juniors, opens, longboards, bodyboard and the ladies heats so stay tuned with us.

Last night i took the camara out because we had a huge Carnival on the street with a lot of beautiful girls dancing all over the place and enjoying with the people that watching the show. There is a shot of the scene last night.

This is another shot of the show of last night that i said before a lot of beautiful ladies were part of the show. Here is the prove it.

"Calibilly" Zapata was able to paddled out today, this guy was shredding all over the place. Here he is taking off on the top.

This is a Unknown rider with a nice shot in front of Machete pt. This guy was scoring some good waves today. Here he is taking off one of the best sets of the day.

This is the last shot of the day, please stay tuned with us tomorrow "Lucha Libre" is going to be with the intire coverage of the surf contest.