Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you the Friday surf report.  Today we had a great day for longboarding.  It’s running about knee to waist high with offshore winds and the water is finally getting warm.  The good news are that the bars set up pretty well at this spot and now every single wave is peeling all the way in to the beach.  Check it out!!!

The guys staying at the NSR House were enjoying a lot their last day down here.  They took the big pangas out and were taking many fun waves.  They had the whole beach for them for the entire day because nobody else showed out to the beach.  Here we have a shot of Beans riding a small but fun looking right.

DJ was doing the best to catch some waves with his friends.  Here he is taking a nice shoulder on this right.  You guys already know that he was out of the surf action for more than 20 years but he did it really good during this trip.

Our buddy Lyle was drinking some beers today and taking video of their friends to immortalize this trip for ever.  Check him out so excited and focusing in the camera.

On the last shot we have Jay “The Bird” open up his wings to stay on this sweet left.  The waves are supposed to be about the same size for the next two day but wait a minute, WE WILL HAVE A NEW SWELL NEXT WEEK (starting on Monday).  So stay tuned with us.

We had a great day down here in San Juan with our NSR surf school.  We would like to introduce you to two very nice families  who are traveling together on vacation.  We were very excited that they decided to take surf lessons with us here in Nicaragua.  Here we have the whole group in this photo with our surf instructor D-lite.  We could not have asked for better conditions and everyone involved had a blast at the beach today.

In this photo we have our first student Jessy catching her very first wave here in Nicaragua.  You can see how excited D-lite looks with her successful ride. 

This is another one our students Katelyn doing her thing on one of the many good waves that she caught on our trip to the beach today.  The girls had such a good time with us here surfing at one of our most popular breaks.  They told us that were super excited and could hardly wait to see their pictures on NSR.

The whole NRS family made it down to the beach today and there were many waves to be had.   Here we have our very own "Hace Queso" with one of the better set waves of the day.  We should have another fun day tomorrow so check back!