Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hi folks,  Lucha Libre is here bringing you the Saturday surf report from somewhere up north.  The waves were kinda fun this afternoon but the winds were not cooperating.  It was howling offshore, the water was a tad chilly and the lineup was mellow.  Check it out!!!

Erick and Carlitos Calientes made it out to this spot and scored some decent ones.  This is Eric "El Tribilin" picking up a nice peak.

I am going to be up here all week, so if you guys are around this area make sure to check our report every day becasue you might get shot one of these days.  Elyin finding himself into a small but nice shack.

There were some really nice waves at the first peak, and this guy sat in the right spot to catch some of the better ones.  Check him out bottom turing on this peeler.

Bunch of locals were out, doing what they do best.  Mario "El Danino' Martinez about the rip the lip off the back.

Edwin was taking advantage at the first peak.  Here he is going big with a cool floater.  These guys really had a good time!

Carlitos Calientes is caught here trying to backdoor on this nice set wave.  Just a little bit late buddy!

There were some really nice waves to be shared.  It is so nice when everybody get to score some fun ones.

Melkis "El Camello" Sanchez was ripping all over the place, all afternoon long.  Nice shot, from a different perspective!

The last shot of the day goes to this unknown buddy, digging his tail deep on this bottom turn.  The waves should be fun tomorrow as well, so make sure to check us back out.