Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, March 15, 2014

Another great day of surf in Nicaragua.  This is Lucha Libre Garcia with a quick update for today's report.  We stopped by Playa Maderas this afternoon and this is what we found.  Head high waves on the bigger sets, nice offshore winds and beautiful water.  Check out the view from the deck of one our rentals.  This place is amazing, check it out http://www.nicaraguasurfreport.com/housesview.php?id_house=10&id_secc=46!

The waves were so beautiful, they had sick form.  Check this one out!

The rights were holding up pretty good.  Deep in the flats with a killer bottom turn!

Super fun little shacks to race down the line.  Getting pitted!

There were also some cool aframes at Machete Pt.  Nobody was out as you can see!

This is all for today from this spot. El Codo Lopez will be updating later with some action of the surf contest.

Hello everybody. This is Armando Lopez bringing the report from Playa Hermosa with the first surf contest of National circuit. The waves are good and constantly. Check the line-up.

Pedro Flores was ripping make everybody screaming every time he hit the wave. He is the actual longboard champion. Congratulation bro.

The girls were amazing, The two sisters Resano was showing how good the female category is now and how in the future this two girl gonna make tremble at the others contenders.

These two girls were advancing and eliminating a good surfers in his category and in the end both reached the final.

In our team NSR. Oscar was in the end getting a well-fought second place in the junior category.

The victory went to "Juan de la perra" who scored well by the force with which execute his maneuvers.

Sean Pearson is a known name in the final. He did the radicals maneuvers with a perfect execution.

The champion of Santana Beach, Darwin Jacamo was in the final too. Easily passing each hits, surely give the fight for the national championship in 2014.

The championship of the open category in Hermosa Beach is for Rex " La Bestia Calderon" Congratulation Rex for regain first place on the podium.

In Leaderboard is as follows, Longboard:

1. Pedro Flores.
2. Norwin Estrella.
3. Luis Chamorro.
4. Alexander Silva.

In Leaderboard is as follows, Ladies:

1. Valentina Resano.
2.Candelaria Resano.
3. Noelia Anderson.
4. Elsi Marin.

In Leaderboard is as follows, Junior 18:

1. Juan Calderon.
2. Kevin Cortez.
3. Jackson Obando.
4. Juber martinez.

In Leaderboard is as follows, Junior 16:

1. Jose Fino from Leon has the first championship in the circuit.

And Oscar Espinosa bring home second place.

In Leaderboard is as follows, Open:

1. Rex Calderon.
2. Agusto Chamorro.
3. Darwin Jacamo.
4. Sean Pearson.

Ok mis amigos. See you tomorrow in the Sunday report.