Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, March 15, 2013

Hi there, Lucha Libre is here again with your Friday surf report.  El Codo Lopez grabbed the camera today and he snapped a few nice ones.  The waves were super fun running about chest to head high on the bigger sets, the winds calmed down a bit and the water is nicier.  Check it out!

A few locals made it out and they were taking some nice ones.  This is Oscar deep in the flats with a cool bottom turn.

The lineup was not busy at all, so there were plenty of empty waves to be taken.  This unknown rider got a few ones.  Check out that wave barreling in the background!

Eduardo was practicing his tube ride skills today.  He is improving little by little but he is charging.

Carlitos Perez scored the barrel of the day, as almost always.  Getting slotted on this sick peeler!

There were some nice peaks to be shared.  Surfs up and not many people is down here, come down and score some!

See you guys in the water tomorrow.  Lucha out!