Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 26, 2022

Hello around the world and welcome back for the daily surf report! It looks like the forecasts are calling for some more energy in the water starting tomorrow an later in the week looking like the wind might settle down a bit too! Stoked for the conditions coming, today we had more of what we've had the last few days which is beautiful weather but a bit too much wind and not much swell. Still got waves though.. and no crowds.. so we are still blessed, come check it out!

Lyka checking out the waves this morning, looks happy about something..

Look who's back!! After a couple months down in Argentina, Lucas is back living the life of a beach boy and reunited with his little doggo

Dr. Steve was out catching a few and showing his buddy how Panga works

Go get some waves! That's doctor's orders

We should see a bump in size tomorrow so make sure you check back to see how the forecasters did lol

John always stoked to teach people how to enjoy the thrill of catching waves. Yeeeeeew

Wax up the board and get some waves, or saddle up your pony and go for a stroll

Alvaro scoring some waves and with that form he looks ready for Surf Season to start

Yeah buddy!! Getting soo pitted this season I can sense it

How many waves just peel perfectly with nobody there to ride them.. around the world, must be millions everyday.. here's one of them. What a beautiful sight. Alright ya'll thank you for stopping by today and checking us out. Swing by tomorrow to see what B. Scott is able to capture and share with ya. Adios amigos