Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 26, 2018

Whatsup everyone, Kevin here with today's report. Conditions finally lined up today, for the first time in a while. Are we finally coming out of the dry season doldrums?  Who knows, all I know is that the sandbar at Colorado's finally started kind of working for the first time in a long time and I am STOKED to see it working

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Btw, this shot was taken from the NSR beach house, one of our rental properties.  Contact us for more info

Even a quick glance at the ocean and you'd know there was swell out there today

Couple of local boys got the word and came down from Santanas

The waves looked nice from shore, but conditions were challenging.

The photo looks nice, but the wave is empty for a reason. The wave has been really fast recently, with a lot of closeouts. The story was similar today as well

See exhibit A

Conditions definitely were not perfect out there, although the lack of people made up for it

There were so few people out that the other local photographer out there got a chance to rest between sets. Not happening during prime season.

There was definitely some size out there, that's for sure. Check the dude on the right trying to make it over the wave.

Yup, definitely some size. Part of the reason it was so empty, was because a lot of people were too afraid of taking one of these on the head. When it's not perfect and there are a lot of closeouts, everyone takes their fair share of beatings out there

Once again, see exhibit A

Dude became one with the lip.  Scorpion tail in full effect

Check out dude's face on the left. Not sure whether he's in agony at missing the wave, or in fear that's he's going over the falls in another millisecond

Still don't believe me? Conditions were tough out there. Don't be fooled by the pictures of perfect waves

This guy managed to pull one through though. No space or time for maneuvers, but he got a nice ride.

Yup. One of the sets. Beautiful. This part of the sandbar though, was unsurfable.

Tempting.... Venus flytrap for surfers

Dude managed to make the drop on this one at least

Caught by surprise... too bad no one managed to catch this one

Conditions were basically as good as you could ask for. Glassy water, wind wasn't too bad, swell in the water. The only thing that's missing is the sandbar.

When conditions are like this, it's important to be choosy.

Riding the wind drafts...

This guy made the drop, but the wave was a closeout. Luckily he made the drop though. If he hadn't, he'd be in for a solid beating especially on this wave

Gotta respect the chargers out there today though. These two guys were friends. Love the look of stoke and/or jealousy/ridicule on the guy on the shoulder's face as he watches his friend take off on a nice one.

I think his friend thought he was gonna eat it, and he's looking pretty wobbly here...

... but dude somehow pulled the drop and had a nice section running in front of him. I don't think he was fast enough to take advantage of it though.

The only surfers out there who were truly able to take advantage of the conditions out there today were the local boys

Nice pump for speed...

... straight into the tube.

don't forget the frontside smash after you exit the barrel

Surprisingly I didn't see Kevin Cortez or Jackson Obando out there today.

I was wondering where they were, and I actually found out later that day, training at a private lesson with my friend Adam [instagram.com/swellnesssociety] at his training facility just outside of Iguana. It's gonna be real interesting when the season comes to see how these local surfers do when they square off against each other out in the lineup on a true day of swell.


Another local boy, transplanted from the states but now living in Hacienda Iguana - Josh Springfield. Using that local knowledge to navigate this tricky, angry beast

He was one of the only guys to get barreled and make it out of one today. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the tubes he made, but if you check the surfnsr insta story for today, you'll see the vid of the tube.

Another local boy, Oscar, also using that knowledge as well as his skill and speed to navigate this wave.  That shape in the water behind Oscar is actually a person.  That's how glassy the water was today.

Grabbing rail and pulling in TIGHT

Definitely found some shade

This dude from Santana's was ripping out there. Not only navigating the wave, but dodging the people who got caught on the inside. Locals always on the best waves, while everyone else is left scrambling

That's it guys. Hope you enjoyed today's report. Hopefully the swell will stick around tomorrow. If the size drops I don't think Playa Colorado will work, but we'll find out soon enough. Stay tuned. As a parting gift, I leave you guys with this shot of Pangas. Even from miles away you can tell it's good.


In any case, if you want the high res version of a photo that made the report, or want us to see if we have any photos of you, just contact us at [email protected] See you guys on Wednesday!