Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 24, 2006

Everybody has their fingers crossed for tomorrow's surf contest out here at Maderas. The swell forecast is supposed to increase a tad and the wind is HOWLING offshore. The word is that we will have over 50 particpants vying for the title of "Best in Nicaragua". As for today, the boys were using it as a tune-up. This is Kambute, with some kind of speaker platform on the rocks in front of him.

This is the classic "Kambute Slash" that should win a few heats tomorrow.

This is Samir, one of the Las Salinas boys, getting a few practice runs in at Maderas. Shot 1

Samir, Shot 2

Samir, Shot 3

A lot of times these pictures will make it look better than it really is - we try to put up a shot each day that portrays how it "really" is - this shot captures that essence. Not too big, not too small, not too crowded, not going off either, but fun nonetheless.

After a short surf, we headed out to try and get some fish for dinner. The water was clear and the fish were abundant out in front of the rocks. This is the view back at Playa Maderas. Notice the yellow tents - they will be packed tomorrow.

Kambute is the man with the hawaiian sling - sometimes he goes without a snorkel or fins - he always gets fish. This is the first official shot with our new water camera.

Did I say Kambute always gets fish? Check out this booty.

So, after 3 months back in the US, I finally made it "home" to Nicaragua. Today was my first day back in the water and I'm not sure I can even describe the pleasant familiarity of it all. While everything else in life seems to happen so fast, somehow being in the ocean filters out the noise and reminds me why I'm here - if only for just a few moments. For this, today was a godsend. This is me, too far in front of the curl, trying to remember how to surf.