Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hola amigos! This is Parker logging in this afternoon to show off some late morning shots for you guys. The swell is totally gone but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you click “read more.”

Although, sets were still a little beefy and had a touch of size on them. It’s enough to get John Gilem out of bed and in the water!!!

And there was a small tubito on most waves. Tuck in tight and set your line or cruise down the line while getting your hair shampooed.

John is one of the most dedicated morning surfers. Waist high or over head, you’ll find a friendly guy smile and dropping into some bombs. Not too many bombitas this morning but a couple waves to practice his cross step.

Speaking of friendly guys, I rallied Eric on his day off for a quick surf. Unfortunately, he is just down here for a couple months filling in until our new photographer arrives in mid March. Regardless, it’s been epic getting to know this muchacho! And he doesn’t surf too horribly either…

But if we’re going to talk about rippers, Jess, Eric’s girlfriend, needs to be mentioned. She’s down here for Eric’s stint and getting back into the water.

How about that morning glass??? Small… but perfect. Oscar had his eyes on the reef a little more north.

By mid day, the winds changed. Now, it’s slightly onshore so the texture is a little messy. Yes, we know… This is very abnormal weather for February. Normally, it’s strong offshore.

This is the size of day to day waves we expect for our offseason. Normally, we don’t get back to back groundswells like last week (check out those reports!). But last time I checked, nobody was complaining!!!

If you’re going to get barrelled, you need to squeeze in tight. Eric, let’s get you on that side of the lens in a tube before you’re out of here soon.

I suppose John has been practicing his yoga. I’m 24 and he’s 54 but he squeezes in way better than me!!!

Today could not have been any prettier. Sherry, family, and furry company had to get out to take advantage of these uncharacteristic mornings.

Check out this photo. Besides Eric smacking the lip, do you see how it was partly cloudy? Be prepared because the sun is a really hot from 11am to 4pm this time of year.

This just in: Jess is still charging and throwing herself over the lip! Eric, maybe we can introduce her to my girlfriend soon… What do you think about that bro???

Before we wrap things up, we want to give a shoutout to the Iguana security team. Not only do they ensure things run smoothly and safely (and people stay off the pristine golf course) but they also keep the beloved baby turtles safe. They don’t earn the fringe benefits like other Iguana workers (tips, wifi, charging your phone, inside AC, etc.) but they are always smiling and greeting you. Thank you Iguana, Gracelia, and Don Ramon for running a great show! We are proud to call Iguana our home and share this paradise with our guests.

Ok muchachos, let’s finish up for the day. Considering it’s onshore, we will probably fish or play volleyball later. Hang tight for the couple down days (offshores and swell is on the radar!). Gracias por mirar nuestro reporte!!!