Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, February 22, 2016

Good afternoon everybody. The swell start to picking up probably in the next tide, but we have already some good waves today. The wind is calm in the morning and in the afternoon. The water is a little cold. Check it out.

There are two peaks breaking. One was in the outside and was a little mushy and the other was in the inside with a little power. Here is the outside peak rolling.

Tommy Tsunami was in that peak getting some of the best waves in his fun shape. This right was rolling until the beach with nice speed.

And Shara???? Shara was taking the waves, pure backdoor. She was killing the rights getting more than three of this nice waves.

Her waves were solid all the way to the beach. Looks like the swell will bring more rights.

And from the World Wrestling Federation here are the most powerful surfers warriors. Is the Incredible Z and Stone Cold Tommy Tsunami.

There is a new crew of local surfer growing here. There are four friends learning to surf after finish to work. They are gentiles in the water and some of them are progressing a little today.

Actually Jose ride his first perfect right wave today. Was a good adbance to him and he was so happy of drop this wave. Congratulation buddy.

The best surfer in the water was Lester. He always is flying. He is landing half of his airs today.

And Patricio"???? Patricio is a longboarder who's is living here and he are surfing everyday and is part of our crew in the water. Here he is taking one of the good waves today.

After to see all my friends taking good waves. I want my too, so I paddle out and put some energy in couple waves.

The Secont best photografer Gerardo Pelon was taking some photos of my, so tahnks bro!!!!!.

Ok. Primos. Thanks for check the surf report. We are so exciting to have some bigger waves. We will see what happens. Check tomorrow surf report. Armando Lopez is out.