Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This afternoon the NSR Surf School “Best one in Town” made it to Playa Remanso to teach some lessons.  The conditions could not been better today, waist to chest high waves, offshore winds and chilly water.  Check it out!!!

The little boys were doing their things.  This is Maya with a solid ride all the way in.

They all were taking some sweet rides out there.  Check them out splitting a nice little nugget.

A couple other guys were out, taking advantage on some of the better ones.  Mike nabbing this peeler on his backside.

Victor Jugo Naranja was making some new friends on the beach, before he paddled out.  It is always nice to meet new people and set a cool friendship!!!

Juguito paddled out and he scored some nice ones right away.  Here he is walking up to the nose on his frontside.

El Chulin Estrella was picking up some fun ones down the beach.  Check him out styling on this wave.

On the last shot for today’s report we have Chulin and Juguito showing us their longboard skills on this shot.  That’s all for today folks, please check back tomorrow!

Juan El Duendecito Bustos took the camera out for a while today and he snapped a couple of interesting shots.  Unknown rider picking up a nice left hander!

Here juan is getting a little creative. Way to go Juan, keep up the good work. I'll be up there to school you in the finer points of photography this coming week.

NSR would like to send a shout out to Carlos Caliente's sister, and new NSR family member, March. She's down from the mountains of British Colombia. This was her first day out at Panga's. On this shot Carlos is coaching in to a litter right hander.  Way get out there, March.