Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Here there everyone, Kevin back this week with today's report.  First off though, I just wanted to say that I'm stoked on all of the feedback from last week's report, it's been really interesting to see who's been reading!  It is very much appreciated.  There definitely seems to be a good mix of people.  

In any case, let's check out today's conditions!

Conditions have been challenging the last couple of weeks, as the surf seems to only come together during a few windows throughout the day

Today, the swell seemed to have dropped a bit. Despite the low tide, waves were still mostly just breaking close to shore.

There were a couple of corners out there. Sometimes the lefts were running, and sometimes the rights were looking better.

This guy found a nice little wave. He went up for a smooth floater on this one.

Float to bottom turn to cutback, pictured here.

This last week, the water has dropped a few degrees. I would recommend at least a 2mil wet suit top. A spring suit would be even better.

Not bad out there. These guys actually got caught off guard by this set. A bit of size on the sets.

Mystery surfer out here again. The wind was strong ,but it was still cooperating.

The last few weeks, the wind has been a bit of an issue. Even with the swell, the wind would be too strong, or a little side shore. However, today at least, in the morning, the winds were decent.

Just right ...

Interestingly enough, Colorado seems to be less affected by this recent wind. I took a walk over to that headland pictured and this has to do a lot with it. However, despite Colorado being more sheltered from the winds lately, unfortunately the sand bars and the swell haven't been quite right to make it work properly yet.

Panga Drops is the call right now...

Most of the waves coming in this morning looked a bit soft, but Kevin still made it look pretty good.

Seeing Kevin out there makes it more difficult to assess conditions out there ironically. Oftentimes, you see a good surfer out there and you think it must be good. However, when you finally make it out there you can barely catch a wave. It's a combination of picking the best waves and making the most out of them that makes Kevin so good out there. However he's so good that he can make below-average conditions seem like good conditions.

I guess that's just part of surfing. If a good surfer is ripping out there then it must mean that there's some potential. The question is whether you can tap into that potential. When deciding whether conditions are good, it's all subjective based on your own personal skill level. It might be perfect double overhead barrels for example, but it might be too big for you and thus be POOR conditions to surf.

I guess that's the key with the report, to get a variety of different surfers out there to get a better judgement of what is possible on any given day. Today wasn't the greatest day, but there is always a fun little wave to be caught out there. That's basically been the story the last couple of weeks and it looks to be the story for the next few weeks here as well. If you're deciding whether you should go out there and surf in the short term, just wait for the wind to die down to a reasonable level and just get out there. It's not gonna be epic but it should be a fun session! In any case, get out there and enjoy it you guys! See you guys next week!