Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hey boys, Lucha Libre Garcia it is here one more time with your daily surf report.  Today we woke up early, packed up some food for lunch and went out for a little rodeo trip, hunting for some waves and this is what we found.  Chest to shoulder high waves on the bigger sets, quite strong offshore winds and cold water.  Check out the lineup!

All the boys from DC made it out and they all had a blast out there.  Rob scoring the wave of the day at this spot on his big log!

We surfed the last spot for about 2 hours and then we left to check out another spot.  First scene!

We took advantage of the great weather we had and enjoyed some lunch at the beach.  It looks like everyone was so hungry, uh!

We didn't paddle out at the last beach break so we head down south and scored some fun at our last stop.  Just take a look at this and think how fun it was.

Curtis just steps away from fun.  Go kill it buddy!

And the lucky guy at this spot was Bay (D-Head) getting some shade on this nice little section.  Styling it!!!

Ryan working on his backside ride on this cool lefty.  Way to go pal!

And the last shot of the crew goes to Mike, looking down the line of this little nugget.  We are taking a boat tomorrow so we are hoping to get a fun day!

A few locals were out and they were tearing it up.  Lester Mr Kiki was busting some sick aerials all over the place.

Quite a few girls got out and they also had a good time.  Just trying to read the wave, before to paddle out.  That's a good idea chica!

Mr Riley on the last action shot of the day, giving some work to his fins.  Please check back tomorrow!

Right before sunset this guy came in and did its thing on the beach.  So nice to watch it!  Peace!!!