Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hi folks, this is the NSR family bringing you a little bit of the action we had at Playa Maderas this afternoon.  The waves were super fun, running about chest to shoulder high on the bigger sets, the winds were quite strong offshore and the water was chilly.  Check out the lineup!

Did we say strong offshore winds?  Just about to fly away!!!

The winds were like 20 minutes on and another 20 minutes off.  Check out this unknown rider on his big board, pig dogging a nice right hander.

Eleazer was nearby Machete Pt and he was able to catch some fun ones.  Here he is looking down the line on a weird left.

There were some nice but windy rights coming in down the beach.  Empty one with no takers all the way in!

The girls were worried about their boards.  They wanted to keep them in one piece.  That’s smart, or they would have to pay some taxes on those rented boards.

Gainer Mr Movistar Granados was ripping all over the place.  He was the only local ripper we had out there, doing his thing.

On the last shot of the day we have Tom The Legend Eberly working on his backside on his super panga.  The waves are supposed to pick up a little bit tomorrow so please check back with us!