Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, February 03, 2017

Hello to all our friends tuning in today!  This is Eric with an update direct from the beach this Friday afternoon.  Good waves coming thru and almost nobody in the water today!

I checked the waves this morning, but it was high tide and looked a little ugly. Going back this afternoon, the tide had gone out and Billy was the only guy in the water! So, today, Billy is the star of our surf report!

The waves were fast and hollow, the winds were steady offshore, and it looked like a great potential surf session to me! I’m not sure where everybody is, maybe they are sitting at the beach bar out of the sun!

Billy was getting a whole bunch of waves on his longboard. His friends were trying to learn on the shore break while he was outside taking one after another!

It’s actually pretty neat to see our home break looking good without a soul on it!

Here he is again! Good job out there Billy! Thanks for catching a bunch of waves and getting me some shots to show everyone !

Getting away from the beach, Parker and I took a ride out to Calabria in Limon 2 last night. Owned and run by Nico, a super friendly fella from Uruguay, Calabria has been open for a year and is located on the road to Playa Jiquiliste.

We chatted with Nico while he made a couple fresh pies from scratch, as soon as he set those bad boys in his clay oven, the smell came lingering out and the whole place develops an even better atmosphere!

That’s all for today folks! Thanks for checkin’ in on us here in beautiful Nicaragua! We’ll be back tomorrow with another update of what Mother Ocean has in store for us… Until then, take it easy friends!