Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hola amigos. The waves were super fun this afternoon, it was running waist to chest high with an occasional head high set.  The wind was strong at times and the water was a little chilly.  Check it out!!!

There were some nice shoulders to be had for sure.  Little man was a busy boy today, he was all over the place catching everything in sight.  He and his family recently moved here from North Carolina.  Not a bad move for a surfer I guess.  Welcome down gang!!

Armando was behind the camera, so that gave me a chance to try to get some photos of myself.  I had a few good lefts and rights.  My surfing is not at 100%  but I did have a blast.  I'll take whatever I can get, you know what I'm saying?

I thought I would put one more up of myself since I have the POWER!!!!!!  Sorry about the booty hanging out.  SHWACKKKKK!!

There are always waves bombing through without any takers.  That is what keeps us coming back I guess.  Only a surfer knows the feeling!!!

As I said little man was all over the place,  Josh almost pulled this monster air off.  Don't fret, It won't be long ripper!!!!

Josh is getting his tube riding skills down as well.  He did make it out of this one.  I was so stoked for him.  Nice job chabalo!!!

The whole time I was out there were only four of us in the line up.  Well that's gonna do it for today gang. We are looking for a nice upward trend in swell over the next three days.  We hope to see you right back here tomorrow, until then, D-Lite is out!!!!!  PAZ!