Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hey boys, It is Lucha Libre here with the first report for February on this 2012.  We made it back to Playa Maderas today and we were gratefully surprised because the waves pick up as forecasted.  It was running about knee to chest high on the bigger sets but it was closing out a little bit, the winds were doing its thing and the lineup was almost empty.  Check it out!!!

A couple beginners were out, taking some decent ones.  Can you tell this guy is a beginner?  Next time go the other way my friend, and if you need some instruction remember that we have the best surf school in town.

The waves were perfect to take the big boards out and as you can see this guy was killing it.  Solid ride on his forntside all the way in to the beach.

There were some nice little nuggets down the beach and this guy was taking advantage by himself.  Check him out picking up a nice right.

Take a longboard out was definitely the best option.  Unknown rider working on his backside!

Last action shot for this guy dropping into a nice peeler.  We are hoping bigger waves tomorrow so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. 

This was the only guy watching the action from the beach.  Nobody wanted to stay on the beach with this pal around!!!