Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hello friends I hope you are having a great sunday. We have the high tide going down in the morning. The offshore wind is so good. The waves were bigger and stronger than yesterday. Check it out.

Of course there are some swells around here. There are sets of seven waves coming with good size.

Even the small waves in the sets were super fun. Here is Lester running a wave in the inside. This was the first wave in the sets. The next waves were breaking bigger and farther out.

Here is the second turn of Lester and check the wave in the back. This surf spot was firing a little bit.

There are more than three peaks working today. Check the left in the south of the beach. Over there was surfing Mr. David, he is paddling to get that wave.

The main peak of this spot not is working too much. Usually the peaks in the side are working better, but today some waves over there were the best one.

Here is Shara getting a wave overhead. She have lucky today, check her wave!!!.

Josh was the only one have a tube today. He have a very nice left today. The direction of the swell is making the left have open tubes.

Josh disappear for a little bit in this left. Today the lefts we're beating the rights.

That wave keep going with good shape and Josh is looking for a trick. Will we see what he made.

This wave finish in the very inside and Josh need to stop in a second. This is a cut mixing with a late back.

Remember the surfer checking the waves in the golf cart yesterday. Here is Mr. John riding one of the nice left in the set.

You have been under water holding your breath during two waves crash on you?. The surfer with the tombstone, probably will have his first experience.

The wave in front Mark And David surf camp was working really good and not was any surfer there. The next swell probably will made to works a lot of our breaks. Where are you thinking to go to hit that swell?

The NSR surf team is thinking to go visit our beach break in the very south. We probably hit three different surf spot so be tuned all the time.

Ok. Amigos. I hope you have a good weekend. Yesterday the waves were good in the sunset session. We see you there. Armando Lopez is out.