Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hello party people!!!!  This is D-lite back at you with your Saturday NSR surf report. Today was a tad small but still super fun.  It was running about knee to chest high with some strong winds at times.  This is our girl Kiki catching a sweet little nugget to start the day off.  She has been surfing really good lately.

There was a fun crew down on the beach when I arrived. Here's a shot of  a couple of our favorite people in Hacienda Iguana.  On the left we have Miss Charlie Brown who is up here visiting from San Juan del Sur and on the right we have our man Esteban (putito) getting ready for a fun surf session.

There were also a couple of rippers in the line up.  Here's one of them trying to bust some big air.  Not sure where he is from but he was catching some good waves.

We had a couple guys out on the pangas as well. This guy had a few good waves and was able to get a quick in and out on this little left hander.

This wave was a bit too small to get in the pit but I admire the effort.  Today even the smaller ones were packing a punch.  Nice job chele!!

We had an apperance from the crew at Mango Rosa in San Juan del Sur.  La Panga Rosa is in the house!!!!!!  They were stoked to come up and catch a couple with the gang.

This guy was charging the whole time I was there.  I would call this The Wounded Gull Stance.  I thought this was a cool looking photo and I wanted to share it with you all out there in web land.  PADOW!!!!!

This crew just arrived yesterday from San Francisco and are stoked to be staying here with us.  This is Josh with a sweet little hack.  These guys are planning to take full advantage of some of the other great things to do besides surfing here.  Tomorrow I have them set up for a sunset horse tour here on our beautiful beaches.  If any of you guys out there would like to inquire about some of the many options we have please do so. You can reach me at,,,,,,,,, [email protected]  Hit me up peeps!!!!!! 

For the last shot of the day, I want to say welcome again to our San Francisco crew.  This is Michelle and her friend Katie enjoying some sunshine on this wonderful day. We are stoked to have you guys down.  As for the rest of you, its time to start thinking about getting out of the cold and heading our way.  This is D-Lite signing off,,,, I hope you had as good of a day as we did,,,,,,PAZ!!!!!!