Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello everybody!!!... This is the saturday surf report of NSR from one of our beautiful beach. This morning we have nice waves with perfect offshore wind. The line up was light, friendly and super fun. Check it out.

Mr. Kenny is always part of the crowd and he chose some of the nice waves in the morning. Check some of his waves.

After go up and down once in this wave, he found a corner for made a turn. Here he is put about 220 kilowatts of energy in this turn.

We have a friend from Kentucky in the middle of the United States, his name is Lance. Yesterday he come to pick up one of the board in our quiver and he say: This is the board and check it out, he was surfing superfluid and ripping.

How a man from Kentucky can surf like this?. He probably is dreaming about waves all year and when he touch the ocean he lives out his dreams.

He got a few waves and he was making two to three turns and in the end he was closing with floaters. Will be hard get away from the ocean again bro....

This spot was good in the morning. The people in the line up was super nice and the water was super clean. Everything was good for start the morning.

We are receiving a little of the swell from the far north. This is why the rights are breaking good in this spot.

Here is how looks the best waves in the sets. Like always Norlan ( El Buchon ) take the best waves in the morning and he was doing some weird cut. Only him made something like that.

Not just the water is beautiful. Some girl were in the line up making the waves looks better.

There are around ten waves medium size and after a good size waves come. Here is a Lance again running a wave overhead.

Some waves were fun for made round houses. Some good things about today was the consistency of the waves. I surf bad today, but I was glad to be in the water sit down with Mr. Jack and Mr. Kenny. They were killing the waves.

I come to the beach on foot. But Mr. John come with style. Check his golf cart with all the stickers in the roof. This is one cool way to check the waves, no doubt!

In the out side or inside. The waves were rolling good. Is the small day in the forecast , but we keep having pretty fun waves. Do you don't think so???...

Here is Josh Springfields he just come back from the States. Here he is in his home break ripping like always.

In the right side with 240 pounds and from the States is Hamburger and friea with Budweiser ( Parker Hannhas) and with 200 pounds building with gallo pinto and victoria beer from Nicaragua (Armando Lopez). We are testing if we are strong enoutgh for surf the next swell. After twenty minutes we are tied.

Carlos Caliente showed us how strong we need to be. We asked why he is being healthy and strong. He said its because India's Bootcamp Training.

This is why we will send Ana and Alma to the community service center on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am. Because they work all day, they need to start their morning with exercise. Email [email protected] for more information. You only have one body so treat it well.

Every body can have the reason for working out, my is surf like Kelly Slater pass forty. So see you there soon. Have a good day and a fun weekend. Armando Lopez is out.