Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, January 14, 2008

Hi guys, we're Jairo and Roberto Garcia reporting from out here at Maderas. The waves are still small but there are some decent sets coming in. It's chest to shoulder high on sets and the wind is offshore. Check it out.

Here we have Brandon "El Sandwich" Whoom commanding the lineup. He always take the Peanut butter sandwich to the beach, that's why we call him like that. Here he goes on a nice left.

This is Pedro "El Cacaste" Toribeo trying a floater on the small right. This kid is always able to eat all the sandwich that Brandon take to the beach. We are probably going to call him "Muerto de Hambre" in the future or maybe "El Buitre".

This is what you have to do if you get cramped out there. Get out of the water as soon as posible and stretch for a while. Sorry baby!!!

Here is an unknown pale rider taking a nice left hander. Hey guys, we are hoping to get some swell in the next few days, so you have to be ready to charge!!!

That is Larry "Carita de Venado" Davila going big in the background with a cool 360's. This guy is going to be ready for the next swell for sure.

Here we have "La Bestia" Calderon with a cool round house signing out the day. Please check back tomorrow.