Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Come Pan Panic bringing you the action for the Wednesday surf report. Today we drove up to Playa Maderas super early in the morning because we wanted to take advantage of the tide conditions. The surf wasn’t big but it was good enough to take the longboards out. It was running about knee to waist high on sets with offshore winds. Check it out!!!

The ladies woke up early as well because they wanted to score some fun waves. Check out this cute girl waxing up her board before paddling out. We are sure that she is going to get some good waves because she waxed it up with her shoes on - always a good look!

You can pretty much always surf by yourself in Nicaragua if you charge the early morning sesh. There were only about seven guys out, trading off on the small but fun set waves that were coming through.  Look how fun it was!  Here we have a shot of Marcos riding a nice looking righty tighty.

Today we decided to make an interview to one of the best local surfers in Nicaragua. We are talking about Augusto “La Gaviota” Chamorro who has been surfing for eight years. He’s twenty three years old and his favorite surf spot is Playa Maderas “Because he learned how to surf on these waves”. He loves to eat gallo pinto, chesses and plantains, his preferred drink is Pinolillo Nica - which is a mixture of rum and chicken blood. He likes to be always in the air, that’s why we call him “La Gaviota” and why he’s always trying big aerial maneuvers. He‘s won one National Champion Ship and two Internationals and along with his older brother Luis, he’s usually in the top five ranked surfers in Nicaragua.  Augusto is also an avid Skate Rat and has a few street moves.  Oh yeah, and Augusto has his own hat!

She waxed up her board, put away the shoes and now she's out there having fun.  Gotta love the ladies in the line-up!

Here we caught a shot of one of the better waves we saw coming through this morning at Playa Maderas.  Look how empty the line-up is this morning!  As always, the best waves have no takers...

Alright folks, the waves should be about the same tomorrow but it looks like we are going to have some bigger waves next week - starting on Monday or Tuesday.

CP out.