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Playa Santana - Lot 7 - Buena Onda Hill Community

Listing: BO007
Size: 0.57 acre
Price: $119,000.00
This is a high quality coastal community home-site that is within reach financially - best price in the community. This property enjoys massive ocean views, easy access to the surf and beach, tight security. -- The property is not part of one of the big HOA developments, this community offers a more personal, boutique neighborhood feel. Community decisions are reached by consensus among the 9 home-owners. High quality modern neighboring homes already built will serve to sustain future property values. The developers are a Swiss family who are also home-owners and they have taken great care to organize the community to meet the letter of the law and to be efficiently run and managed. Contact Carl Segerstrale for more information - [email protected] - US (415) 424-4767 or Nicaragua 8366-9947
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