Popoyo is a staple wave that put Nicaragua on the surfing map. This powerful reef break offers lefts and rights; however, the left is usually better. It offers long, powerful walls and a thick barrel section at lower tides. It’s very consistent and accommodates all swell directions. Additionally, it magnifies the smallest swell and holds up to double-overhead. As you might imagine, there is a pack of locals and ex-pats who have this place wired. It’s a shifty wave with only one peak so competition for your daily quota is normal. At lower tides, the reef is shallow so be careful. ADVICE: Popoyo breaks at all tides but most people tend to prefer higher tides. Give low tide a try, with a smaller swell, and you will be rewarded. Otherwise, hit Popoyo during the offseason or during a long stretch of good surf (the crowd will be tired and mellow). WATCH OUT FOR: The reef and rocks inside!