Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the weekend surf report for NSR! This is Parker logging in to show you the final action for 2016. Check out the shots!!

What better way to end the year than a fresh pulse?! There are two minor swells mixing and making the beachies fun. The Muggia and Ketchum family had a front seat view for this gem.

These families are running away from the colder weather in Boston to warmer water and spending the holidays with us. Welcome down guys and it’s been a pleasure hanging out with your families!

Unfortunately, the conditions haven’t been great while they’ve been here. Have you seen the reports in the last few days? It’s been windy and small but Andrew is still finding a couple waves and enjoying his trip!

For being college kids, they are very well traveled. Sam has been around the world surfing exotic locations and he impressed with NICA Land! Finish those truck plans, drive down, and hang out here for during the onseason bro!!!

We were stoked to wake up today and see zero wind. There were patches of heavy offshore during the day but the wind has backed off a bunch.

The guys surf, especially the Dad Will (the family ripper), while the ladies practice yoga. As a reminder to everybody, there is no yoga at Mark and Dave’s due to the New Year. Kimi said she will have the class Monday at 10am so reach out to her and lock your spot in.

2016 had some epic moments and killer barrels. We’re excited for a fresh year, new swells, and see what unfolds. New year’s resolution: get barrelled more.

Hayden Bell got a head start on his goals. At mid tide, the waves turned on for about 30 minutes and a few fun sets came through.

If I got barrelled every morning and then ate his delicious ice cream afternoon, I might be as happy as him… Let’s go shoot some more fish in the coming year bro!!

Some waves were too wobbly for the mid tide… Clean up on isle 6!!!!!!

Although the boys made the morning session, I know Laura, Caroline, and Annie were killing it during the afternoon session. We’re going to get y’all in the surf report next trip!!!

Toby was stoked to make it in today’s report today. Grow that lettuce back out so we can cruise around on the motos.

I highly recommend making it out for last surf in 2016. Everything else can wait except for locking into one more wave and smiling ear to ear. If you ask me, any of those three options look suitable.

Alright NSR family, it’s time to finish up some work and enjoy the evening. Remember, there is a party at Pili’s and Mag Rock tonight. If you’re on the roads, be safe tonight. As always, thank you guys for checking out the shots and we’ll see you next year! Hotstick Hannahs is out so adios amigos!!