Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 26, 2005

OK, so now the swell is finally showing up down here. The north swells only hit a few beaches in Nicaragua, Maderas is one of them. Today it's about head high on sets and we've got offshore winds. This is Coki on a nice left.

This is Luis, picking off a nice set wave.

And for all of you who've been asking, the answer is "yes", we do have daisy dukes here in Nicaragua.

We don't know who this is, but it's a nice shot.

This one is Roque, getting shacked. It's nice to have little waves this time of year.

If you move to Nicaragua, you get a nickname. This is "condorito". Don't ask me what it's supposed to mean.

And this guy actually threw up a nice spray...that is before his feet came off the board. More good waves coming tomorrow, so check back!