Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 27, 2005

OK, this is more like it! Super fun waves at Maderas today. It looks like the big North swell has finally decided to kick in down here. We've got some slightly overhead sets and offshore winds today. Everybody is stoked! This is Agusto, who was ripping today.

Agusto again...

What's that, we've got swell AND girls on the beach. Somebody must have been good for Christmas.

Check out Oliver, picking off the wave of the day out here at Maderas. This is Shot 1.

Oliver, shot 2.

Oliver, shot 3 and deep behind the curtain.

Oliver, shot 4, the exit.

Oliver, shot 5. Nice wave man!

Roberto titled this one "helloooooo". We thought it was very artistic.

Roque was getting some nice ones today too.

This is Luis, frontside master at Maderas. Shot 1.

Luis, Shot 2.

Luis, Shot 3.

Luis, Shot 5. In's and out's, clean.

And just for good measure, the schwack at the end. Nice one Luis!


One more artistic shot from Roberto. What a day today. Catch you later!