Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas from NSR! We hope that everybody has a safe and happy holiday season and gets plenty of giant, bone-crushing surf. Since it's been pretty small in Nicaragua, we decided to hook up with Tenderfoot and Hot Carl in Southern California for last week's big west swell. The trip didn't disappoint. Notice the look of hysteria on my face...

This is the Redondo Breakwater, a bit out of control, but still breaking. That's me straddling my 7'4" on the shoulder. We aren't going to guess how big it was. Some people were calling it 20'. All we know is that there were some big ones out there.

Here is one more shot of the same spot. This one is not quite as big. All we had was a pocket camera and none of us wanted to wait on the beach and take pictures. We could have really used Roberto today!

For the evening session, we went to this out of the way, left hander and had it almost to ourselves. It was holding even more size than the Breakwater. Check out the lines coming in on the horizon. Good times. Special thanks to Tenderfoot for playing host. We have your back when you get down to Nica the next time.

And back in Nicaragua - we are finally starting to see the first pulses of the north swell in the water at Maderas. We've got some head-high sets coming in and offshore winds.

Here is an unknown soldier forcing a dirty barrel - shot 1

Unknown Soldier, shot 2

Shot 3 - who says Santa Claus doesn't come this far south?

More waves on the way tomorrow so check back.